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Cleveland Restoration Society Founder

Founder Maxine Goodman Levin

The late Maxine Goodman Levin, who passed away at 86 in September 2002, was one of the three founders of the Cleveland Restoration Society.

Maxine personified the generation of preservation advocates by mobilizing citizen action against the practice of wholesale demolition and clearance during the Urban Renewal period in America. She became a developer of historic properties and a leader in Cleveland's civic discussion and planning of urban revitalization.

Maxine was a key figure in the dramatic growth of the Cleveland Restoration Society, through her counsel and through her philanthropic support. She, along with her nephew, Mort Levin, donated to the Cleveland Restoration Society the Sarah Benedict House, and a major portion of its cost of rehabilitation and endowment. Today, the Sarah Benedict House is the headquarters of the Cleveland Restoration Society and a regional center for historic preservation in northeastern Ohio.