Sacred Landmarks

Additional Adaptive Uses

Northeast Ohio is now at the forefront of the adaptive use of sacred landmarks. Decommissioned buildings can become offices, restaurants, and even housing. It is our desire for these special buildings to transition in a respectful way – a way that honors precious memories and experiences. Please assist us with this goal by sharing your knowledge, expertise, and connections.

Developer Takes Green Approach
Seattle, Washington - Taking a green approach, a developer has created luxury condominiums in The First Church of Seattle on Capitol Hill.

Case Studies and Info on Adapting Sacred Landmarks
Seattle, Washington - Here are a number of case studies from Seattle, as well as other information on adapting sacred landmarks collected by Historic Seattle.

Architects Create Striking Office From Historic Church
Nashville, Tennessee - Tuck-Hinton Architects in Nashville created a striking office out of a very historic church on the outskirts of Downtown Nashville.

Church Reuse: From Worship to Offices and Restaurants
Newark, New Jersey - This church, listed on the National Register, now houses a collection of offices and restaurants.

Brewing Tanks in Front Of Landmark is Disrespectful
Pittsburgh - This popular brewery in "The Strip" district of Pittsburgh has the brewing tanks in the front of the church, something many would find disrespectful. The Catholic Diocese of Cleveland will prohibit "profane" uses of the buildings they will be selling.

Christian Science Church Transformed into Condos
Newton, Massachusetts - A former Christian Science church in Boston is transformed into condominiums with parking in the lower level, two stories of housing, and a two-story library in the steeple in one unit.  Although not a tax-credit project, this building does have a façade easement.

Former Dominican Church Transformed Into Bookstore, Café
Netherlands - This former Dominican church has served as a warehouse and a bicycle storage unit in its 800-year history.  Now transformed into a bookstore, it features a café in the choir.